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Thyroid Doctor San Bernardino - Cora Lanyon

Hypothyroidism is one of the most undiagnosed conditions in our current society. Lab tests used by traditional doctors aren’t comprehensive enough – leaving millions undiagnosed, suffering symptoms.

Do you suspect you have hypothyroidism?

  • Have you been to countless doctors that are all telling you the same thing? “Get rest; you’re just tired.”

  • Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been given few treatment options – none of which are ideal.

Despite your best efforts to watch what you eat, exercise and get better rest, you’re still struggling with the debilitating effects of low thyroid function.

Going to the doctor feels hopeless.
You’re told, “everything looks fine; it’s all in your head.”

And it causes you even more anguish.

You ask yourself…

“Is it all in my head?”
“Is the way I feel really just my normal?”

The truth of the matter is you’re not fine. No matter the amount of effort you put into your diet and exercise; no matter the strict regimen of TSH therapy: you still feel the troubling effects of symptoms such as:

  • Weight Gain

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Hair Loss

  • Constipation

  • Infertility

Is learning to live life with these symptoms really the best you can do for your life?

The answer is NO.

Incomplete and inaccurate testing implemented by traditional medicine are the root causes for inadequate diagnoses of Hypothyroidism.

Mainstream medicine uses generalized treatment plans that do little to effectively manage your condition and nothing to cure it.

Sound familiar?

We hear you.

You go to your doctor because you can no longer function properly “living” with your condition. You’re put through a generic checklist of questions, exams, and tests only to be reassured that by these standards, you’re in good health.

Again you ask yourself,
“How can I be fine when I don’t FEEL fine?”

It’s because you’ve not been evaluated comprehensively as an individual.

Inadequate diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism are the main reasons people suffer with their condition for so long.

Did you know?

  • There are over 20 possible causes of thyroid dysfunction and persistent low thyroid symptoms.

  • 90% of patients are either incompletely or inaccurately diagnosed.

Our Clinical Model is different…

We don’t treat you using a run of the mill, generic checklist. Our innovative approach to treatment provides an easy step-by-step plan of action that is based upon the most up to date science, research, and cutting edge clinical applications.

Get the answers you deserve.
Get the results you seek.

Don’t let hypothyroidism and it’s symptoms be a life sentence.

Let us help you find normalcy again.


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Thyroid Treatment San Bernardino

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You are not alone.

There are safer, more effective options for treating your symptoms.
Finally understand why you have thyroid issues and what you can do to get rid of them.

Take action.
Take control.

Let us help you get back to normal and living your best life.

Find out what our patients have been doing to achieve renewed health and wellness. Our customized treatment plan will treat you as you deserve to be treated.

Your health is invaluable.

Hypothyroidism does not have to be a chronic condition.

When you receive your in depth, comprehensive treatment plan, you’ll soon find yourself:

  • Losing that stubborn body fat.

  • With more energy than you’ve had in years.

  • Experiencing consistent and elevated mood levels.

  • Enjoying the things you used to love to do before hypothyroidism began controlling your life and your routine.


Find out what has worked for so many with your condition.

“I feel a lot better, I am very glad I started the program. I would recommend it to other people. It helped me find a different way of cooking but still tasty, good and healthy.”