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Every day, we are unintentionally and unknowingly exposed to toxins that can derail our health. Sure enough, tiny but dangerous molecules make their way into our bodies through food, water, air, and home and body products.

Heavy metals reduce your thyroid’s ability to produce thyroid hormones.
The 3 Hidden Heavy Metals That Are Destroying Your Thyroid

If you are suffering from symptoms of low-thyroid, you need to be paying special attention to these 3 heavy metals that are crashing your thyroid and undercutting your metabolism.

1. Lead – not just a paint problem anymore

Dust and chips from old paint are the most common cause of lead poisoning, but if we have learned anything from Flint, Michigan, lead poisoning can be caused by many sources. In fact, unsafe levels of lead can be found in water, air, cosmetics, children’s toys, imported candies, imported foods, lead-solder-sealed food cans, and even mini blinds. Exposure to microscopic particles that break down from these sources can cause lead toxicity. Filtering air and water is a great step in prevention, and you can also check out the Consumer Product Safety Commissions for more information about lead in the products you use each day.

2. Mercury – a fishy metal

The most dangerous form of mercury might be on your dinner plate. Mercury particles are released into the air by burning mercury-containing oil and wood as well as from the breakdown of other mercury-containing products. Over time, those particles settle in land and water. Mercury levels in the ocean pose a specific threat because mercury is consumed, and toxicity grows within the food chain.

The 3 Hidden Heavy Metals That Are Destroying Your Thyroid
Larger and older fish that have eaten countless mercury-containing fish pass that metal onto you when you consume them.

The Environmental Working Group is a watch group that protects consumers, and they recommend eating WILD salmon, sardines, mussels, rainbow trout, and Atlantic mackerel. Because fish are a great source of omega-3 anti-inflammatory fats, they are great for your health if you avoid the dangerous fish like shark, swordfish, tilefish, marlin, and tuna.

Beware that mercury is also found in dental fillings, thermometers, novelty jewelry, and other consumer products.

3. Cadmium – cigarettes, cereal, and cancer

The 3 Hidden Heavy Metals That Are Destroying Your Thyroid

Cadmium is now a widely dispersed metal that is commonly released into the environment by smelting. Cadmium particles settle in soil and water and are taken in by plants like tobacco, rice, cereal grains, potatoes, and other vegetables. The particles are then carried onto humans. The most common sources of cadmium are cigarette smoking and food. Organ meat, shellfish, coffee, wheat, and rice have all been shown to have high levels of cadmium depending on where they are grown, but any plant grown in soil with high levels of cadmium can negatively affect your health.

Avoiding food grown in polluted areas and taking a zinc supplement can help reduce the risk of cadmium toxicity. Cadmium is not only messing with your thyroid health, but also it is linked to cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Don’t ignore the facts. By acting and staying informed about the food, water, and air you’re exposed to, you can prevent these damaging metals from taking over your health.
The 3 Hidden Heavy Metals That Are Destroying Your Thyroid

Protect your thyroid by eating organically, filtering air and water, sticking to the right fish, and being mindful of the home and body products you choose.

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